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Bellazo Revived Style is a vintage and second hand clothing boutique located in the heart of downtown Wabash. Bellazo was born from a deep love for all things related to fashion and clothing, accessorized with an insatiable obsession with shopping.

I personally curate every piece in my shop, a true labor of love. I buy all sizes and often find incredible deals on vintage and designer items. I pass the savings on to my customers with prices often 70% lower than original retail prices.

I add new things every week at prices anyone can afford.  I carry ZUM soaps, Blue Q socks, Ambre Oil, and accessories and dozens of other fun items! 

The name "Bellazo" /bel · ə · zō/ comes from the names of my two wonderful daughters Bella and Zoe. Along with my husband Justin, they are my heart.

We love our home in the thriving community of Wabash. Bellazo is proud to be one of the outstanding businesses and shops in downtown Wabash. Visit Wabash on the First Friday of every month and you will see how special this place is. While you're in Wabash drop in to Bellazo and say hi.


My name is Darcy. 



Honestly a little bit of everything. Gorgeous dresses, modern looks, some 80's vintage clothing, designer clothing, 70's BoHo, Jungalow looks, Ambre Oil, funny Blue Q items, Paddywax candles, adorable puzzles, Nag Champa incense,  and super cute home decor. I love baskets, macrame plant hangers, and cool wall art. All sizes and lots of accessories, but it moves fast!



How can I keep updated?


I post some items on Instagram and Facebook, so be sure to follow me, but the best way is to stop in regularly!


Do you hold items I see online?


You can call dibs on something I post online and I'll hold it till the next business day, but no longer. If you really want something that someone has dibs on, still let me know in case they don't pick it up the next business day.

Where do you get your stuff?


It's almost easier to say where don't I get my stuff. I scour boutiques and consignment shops from Cincinnati to Chicago and take every thrift opportunity I can find, not to mention all the online #resale and #instashop connections that keep me well stocked.

Do you have gift cards?


Absolutely! Give the glorious gift of shopping to that special someone, so they can truly enjoy guilt-free retail therapy.


Do you offer personal consultations?


I would love to help you explore new looks and try new styles. Just send me a message and we'll schedule a time to give you my full attention and create that new look you've been wanting.


What is the return policy?


Sorry, no returns.

What items do you consign?


If you have high end designer pieces, I would love to consign with you! Shoot me an email!

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